Senior Diploma

  1. Duration of this Diploma in 3 Year which is divided into 2 Year (Study) + 1 Year (Internship) optional. 
  2.  Students who want to learn Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Software Development, Networking, Mobile App Development, Computer Forensic, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Cyber Law and wanted to become Expert in Cyber Security & Expert in Computer Programming can join this course. 
  3.  Students can join BCA Degree with this Diploma to make it more valuable
  4.  student will get chance to work in more than 20+ companies for Internship, 40+ Live Projects, 10+ Internship Letter, 20+ Certificates, 2+ Startup’s.

Junior Diploma

  1. Junior Diploma of ASD ACADEMY is specially designed for Kids (5th Class to 9th Class). Students from very small age at just 10 year can start learning about Programming, Secure Coding, Cyber Security, Networking etc.
  2.  Main concept behind this diploma is to prepare kids for International Competition organized by MNC’s like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. With the help of our Academy kids can apply for these type of exam and can take part in the competition. 
  3.  Students prepare for International exam to get direct Jobs in Multi-National companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook based on their Skills. 

Distance Diploma

  1. It is a Distance Learning Program launched by ASD ACADEMY. Students who want to learn Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security from Mr. Tapan Kr. Jha & Software Development, Mobile App Development from Miss. Riddhi Soral now can also learn through online. 
  2.  5 months enrolled students will learn through video lectures and can give their monthly exam through our website, we have a forum on which students will discuss about their day to day problems in study and our expert will give them suggestion through that forum

Mr. Tapan Kr. Jha
(Sr. Pen Tester & Ethical Hacker)

“Hacking is a Talent. You won’t learn it at, School. It like being Messi or Ronaldo You were born to become a hacker, It’s your destiny. Otherwise, you will Hacked”

Miss. Riddhi Soral

(Sr. Secure Coder)

“Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is Fun to Code”

Tathaasthu Diploma

  1. Tathaastu Diploma is developed for the BPL card holder and peoples who can not afford fees for IT Diploma. 
  2.  This diploma teaches you Networking, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Programming etc. which helps anyone to become capable for doing any IT related work like Website Designing, Online Promotion, Bank & Company Networking
  3.  This program will help them to become entrepreneur & help them to work for any IT companies. This will give a new opportunities for financially low candidates to create their own business or to work from Home on Freelancer

Article-370 Diploma (J&K)

  1. Article-370 Learning Program is specially designed on request of our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to educate Jammu & Kashmir youth.
  2.  This program is TOTALLY FREE for citizen living in Jammu & Kashmir. Students can directly apply for this course through our website and after registration they need to come Kota to receive their EKit from ASD ACADEMY.
  3.  This program will help them to become entrepreneur & help them to work with Indian Army to track Terrorist Activities in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and In Jammu & Kashmir. 

Because you deserve to shine.

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